About the hotel star tent

Guangzhou habitat star hotel design co., LTD is a professional tent for tourism and scenic spot provide tents hotel personalized design、The manufacture of the personalized customization service enterprises。We have a professional team,To provide customers from design to production and installation of the overall service。We can according to the guest hotel landform design unique tent,Let the hotel with the scenery。We also can provide guests with movable temporary hotel,Meet the temporary activities required。Our vision is to provide modular,Convenient hotel tent products、For travelers“ Return to nature”The new experience for a holiday,To help customers achieve scenic resource value added。
Habitat star field of luxury products
Habitat star field of luxury products

Habitat hotel star wild luxury tent

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Two stars luxury tent hotel seven-star wild luxury enjoyment for you
Hotel new tent,Natural features,Perfect fusion with scenery。Camp tents hotel give you a new experience。If you love the nature,I love camping, Then listen to your heart's call,Say goodbye to the traditional camping tents。To enjoy high-end luxuryTent hotel。During the day and the mountains,Night sleep with the stars。

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Wild hotel luxury tent

Habitat hotel star tent——The wild and the perfect combination of luxury

Habitat star tent hotel design co., LTD., solitary originality design,The beauty of nature with luxurious and comfortable hotel perfect combination,Create a find the scenery pleasing to both the artistic conception。Tent hotel comfortable big bed、Modern sanitary ware、The spaSpa、High quality food、Warm and thoughtful service, etc。Tent hotel design simplicity of primitive simplicity,In harmony with the surrounding environment,Is a design with nature、Rather than hard to break into the building。Bring a unique and unforgettable holiday experience for the occupants。

Tent hotel project cases
  • Changchun lotus-Kwai garden-The spherical star tent-Star wild extravagance

    Changchun star camp in kwai garden

    2.5Thousands of square meters of campsites at the stars,Including10Top star tent、10Tents and top characteristics1Seat22M diameter star ball themed restaurant,In addition to food and elegant environment and theme restaurantLEDScreen,Unique experience make you unforgettable。...

  • Inner Mongolia grassland tents-Spherical tent hotel-Habitat stars luxury star tent

    Inner Mongolia grassland camp:5Rice ball tent hotel

    Habitat star field and decoration together with the customer of Inner Mongolia grassland camping base must be suitable for you,Set the beauty、Good food、Special accommodation、The car entertainment at an organic whole,Take you to experience different grassland,Grazing body and mind!...

  • Uruguay country home stay facility6Rice ball tent-Star wild extravagance

    Uruguay countryside home stay facility:6Rice ball tent

    The project cooperation6M diameter spherical star tent,Is to build a luxury camp tents outdoor products,Customers think spherical tents and Uruguay combined with the concept of a home stay facility,So make a into the country's unique outdoor accommodation space。...

The news
  • neimenggu-glass dome

    Tent can be customized for the hotel?

    Tent as a new category for hotel buildings,Usually is the use of metal materials as framework,Outer tent by a waterproof fabrics。Compared with the big tent,The hotel is mainly used for outdoor awning room accommodation application,The tent can be customized for the hotel?...

  • Jilin lotus-Kwai garden-Bimodal tent hotel

    Awning room what's the advantage of hotel?

    Tent is a kind of new type of fittings for hotel buildings,The component can be prefabricated in a factory,So the transportation is convenient,Set up quickly,And will not damage the environment,Naturally into the outdoors,Let visitors experience unprecedented outdoor accommodation。...

  • Inner Mongolia grassland tents-Spherical tent hotel-Habitat stars luxury star tent

    Tent hotel as what advantages of lightweight construction?

    The design of traditional buildings often need to make the foundation construction,All kinds of engineering construction will damage the environment。The tent hotel belongs to a kind of lightweight construction,The construction will not damage the environment,Then tent hotel as what advantages of lightweight construction?...

  • The spherical tent

    In addition to the hotel,And those who use the spherical tent?

    More it is worth noting,Spherical tent high performance-price ratio,Functional diversity,Wide range of USES,Habitat is the star field one of the star of the luxury products,Is popular among investors。In addition to the hotel,And those who use the spherical tent?...

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